Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slow days

No meaningful update here, just some musings on early pregnancy...

I'm doing ok with this 'one day a time' thing. But the first ultrasound is lurking in my mind, and I know I'll be anxious (although it's the second ultrasound that's going to be terrifying).

Early pregnancy means not a lot of symptoms. I'm sleepier -- by 8:30-9:00pm I'm winding down, and by 9:30 when I'm doing my shots I'm ready to go to sleep. However it's taking me FOREVER to go to sleep each night.

When I do get to sleep, I dream. No crazy vivid dreams (yet), but consistent dreaming every night. If we didn't have construction going on, I'd be snoozing in the mornings, so I wake up sleepy around the time my husband leaves for work.

My breasts aren't particularly sore -- much less so than last time. I have occasional uterine cramps/twinges, which happened last time too. And I'm thirsty a lot, like last time.

I didn't have morning sickness last time, and I wonder if I'll be as lucky this time. In some ways, I'd like to have it, just for the reassurance that things are developing normally.

All these barely-there symptoms make pregnancy a very abstract concept. Luckily the holidays will keep things busy, which should help the time pass.

I go in tomorrow afternoon for another Intralipid (had first one with egg retrieval). I'll have another one in 3-4 weeks, and then they'll check my immunology bloodwork at 11 weeks to see if I'm good or need to continue.


  1. I'm so proud of you for taking it one day at a time! I hope the intralipid goes well. And the first and the second and the many after that ultrasounds go fabulously!!!

  2. good for you to try not to stress. I too have been passing out early. I moved my shots up so I could get some sleep I am "lights out" by 9. Ridiculous! Good luck hon :)

  3. One day at a time is the best way to do it - I know it's no easy but just keep yourself distracted and optimistic :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! Hoping your first trimester will be a breeze! And keep this in your head "so far, so good".

  5. "One day at at a time" and "So far so good" are my mantras. :)

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  6. just reread your blog post and I have the exact same symptoms with the twinge too. Maybe this is good sing for us? *hugs*

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You must be feeling very excited (and cautious). Hopefully I'll have a baby on the way too in a few months time. Good luck!

  8. Initial 3 Months are very important and crucial in pregnancy, Hope you will have a smooth period during your pregnancy.