Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A whole day without any injections! And no more morning shots!

It's such a nice breather, before diving into the retrieval/transfer/2ww process. I'll start my Lovenox again tomorrow night, and then progesterone will likely start the night before transfer.

Still feeling good about things. I'm pleased I responded well to the estrogen priming/antagonist protocol, since it bodes well for future attempts (either IVF #4, or baby #2 if this one works. :)

We show up at the clinic at 8am tomorrow -- if last time is any indication, I'll probably be out of there between 1 and 2 (Intralipid takes about 2 hours).

Here we go!


  1. Hi there--just stumbled upon your blog. I'm doing an antagonist protocol this round, too. I hope it works for you!! I've got to catch up on your blog to learn a little more about you:>

  2. Glad things are going so well for you! Good luck!

  3. We're neck and neck on these cycles of ours! I'm retrieving tomorrow as well, lovenox starts for me either that night or the next. I forget.

    Isn't it nice to go for a day without a single injection? I almost had one today but then I had to do a blood draw. Almost needleless!!