Monday, November 8, 2010

Now we wait

Had the transfer yesterday at about 1:30.

We transferred two of our three embryos (our RE planned to transfer all three and I refused - not willing to have triplets. :)

Both embryos were Grade 2 (where Grade 1 is perfect, but the success rates are the same)- at 9:30am one was a 5-cell and one was converting into a morula, but by the time of transfer both were converting, which is great.

The third embryo was a 9-cell grade 3 embryo on its Day 2 (since it matured after retrieval it's one day behind). We'll let it grow to its Day 5 and if it makes it, freeze it.

Spent the afternoon on the couch yesterday, reading, and watching Gossip Girl. Slept well and now have two lazy days mostly at home (acupuncture this afternoon).

We've controlled all the variables we can -- now we just wait. First beta is November 17. :)


  1. Welcome home my dear PUPO.

    You sound blissfully relaxed and in control.

    Keep it up!

    (ps - I ate 5 episodes of Weeds....)

  2. Sorry - just now catching up. Sounds like everything went really well, and 2 grade 2 embryos sounds wonderful! So excited for you - I have everything crossed for you!!!

  3. Sounds like everything is going swimmingly! Fantastic.

    How do you find acupuncture? I've considered it but thinking I might try it on second IVF cycle (my first will hopefully be January).

  4. Glad to hear all went well and your doing what you can with rest & acu to make the bab(ies) stick!!!! So excited for you, can't wait for Nov 17th!

  5. Hooray for being PUPO!!

    Hoping for fantastic news for you in a week and a half :) Will you test prior to beta?

  6. Glad things went well! Welcome to being pupo ;)

  7. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  8. Yay we're PUPO together! :-) I'm one day behind you. Did your doctor mandate bedrest for a 2 full days?