Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 11 update


Another ultrasound this morning...

We're making progress -- 5 follicles (don't know where the 6th went), between 7-11mm. My lining is up to 8.0mm, which is now in 'ok' range. It'll be plenty thick by the time we do the retrieval, tho...

Estradiol is up to 244. This is a relief because my estradiol on Day 8 was 59, which made me really anxious. So it's climbing as my follicles (slowly) grow.

I go back in on Tuesday for another ultrasound, and my doc thinks we'll probably trigger Wednesday night for a Friday retrieval, but could go another day. This will be two days longer than last time, when we retrieved on day 14. Frustrating, since this was a higher dosage cycle, and was supposed to push my ovaries harder. I guess they're not playing along.

Although in good news, I have follicles on both sides, which didn't happen last time.

I've been spotting continuously since my post-BCP period last week, but that should stop as my estradiol levels climb. I hope it stops soon. It didn't phase my doctor, but it causes anxiety for me -- too many bad associations with bleeding post-D&C.

Tonight was another injection fail (I think I only tweeted about the first one...) I prepped my shots, did the Menopur, did the Follistim, then realized I hadn't mixed the saline and the Menopur. So I had injected myself with just saline, and had to give myself an extra shot tonight. Doh! I blame it on the hormones... :)

So, just slogging through this. No amazing news, but steady, albeit slow, progress.

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  1. You're constantly in my thoughts and prayers! Just a few more days till the retrieval :)