Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 8 update

I had a monitoring appointment this morning. It's officially cycle day 8 (they get to dictate these things when you're on an IVF cycle -- it's not necessarily linked to when you start bleeding post-BCP).

My doc found 3 follicles on each side, which is good news because last time one ovary took a break. They vary from 5-8mm, which means they're close enough to all potentially mature at the same time. They were smaller than I expected, but I don't know why I had expectations -- last time we stimmed until day 12, and retrieved on day 14, so there's still a lot of stims to go. Lining is decent for day 8 at 5.8mm. And it's possible that there's another follicle on one side because my bowel was in the way digesting breakfast.

Next monitoring appointment is Sunday. Because my local pharmacy isn't open on Sunday, I had to get more Menopur today (current batch runs out Sunday morning). I also need another Gonal F pen. But the nurse who walked me through the updated stim schedule found 900 iu of Follistim for me, saving me $800. Yay nurse! She also found a menopur vial, saving me $70. I only filled half the Menopur prescription (for 4 vials), since Sunday I'll know better how long I'll be stimming for.

Retrieval will probably be Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Which would mean transfer would be Saturday or Sunday if Day 3, or Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday if Day 5 and/or we do genetic screening.

*Ideally* transfer won't be Monday, August 9, because we have Natalie Merchant tickets and I'll be on bedrest the day of the transfer. :)

I'm a little disappointed in the number of follicles. Yes, it's more than we had last time (4 that we were tracking on ultrasounds), but we upped my medications this time, and we saw 7-9 antral follicles in my baseline ultrasound. So it's likely this is as good as it'll get. I'm hoping that all the follicles grow together so that we have a chance of getting eggs out of each one.

So I'll keep slogging through the injections and hope Sunday things look bigger and better!

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  1. Every cycle is different (all 4 of mine were each very different). Slow but even growth of follicles is a good thing. Hand in there. Just a little more to go before your ER. And your lining sound perfect already. Hope the ER doesn't keep you away from the Natalie Merchant concert (love her new album).