Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still waiting...

We didn't get our call this morning before noon with a fertilization update.

We did get a call from the doctor (never a good sign) around 2pm. Both eggs were immature. One matured overnight and was ICSIed late this morning. So we'll find out tomorrow before noon if it has fertilized. If it survives, we're on for a Tuesday transfer. (Those of you following carefully along will realize this means we can go to the Natalie Merchant concert on Monday -- minor silver lining, but I'm taking there where I can get them...)

The other egg did not mature and had started to degenerate.

So... more waiting until tomorrow morning to find out if we have anything to work with. We're glum but not overwhelmed by it.

Based on some reading about protocols, I'm wondering if the Menopur hurt rather than helped. It doesn't seem like my little follicles grew very much from Tuesday (when they were 7-9mm), and they barely grew from Sunday to Tuesday (when they were 6-8mm). The one big empty follicle prompted the retrieval scheduling (of course hindsight is easy...). This retrieval was Day 16 --my first IVF it was Day 14.

If this one doesn't work it'll be interesting to see what my doctor suggests for the next one.

Staying kinda detached until we hear the news tomorrow. Just trying to pass the time.

I appreciate the positive notes, here and on twitter. Thank you all!

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  1. my eggs come out immature as well, he's keeping me on menopur but is taking out lupron. at least that's what I think he's doing, this next cycle will have an emphasis placed on helping to mature my eggs. on the one hand i am glad you get to go to the concert. but on the other, i know it's just another day that you have to wait to have your transfer. my fingers are still crossed for you