Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 13 update: trying to stay positive

Another ultrasound this morning.

The bad news is that one follicle leapt ahead and is measuring 15mm. The good news is that there are 4-5 follicles between 7mm and 9mm that could cross 10mm (minimum to be potentially mature) by the time we do the retrieval on Friday.

My lining is great at 10mm. Estradiol is up to 496.

My TH1 came back elevated, and my NK cell levels are just slightly above the acceptable range, so I'll do another Intralipid with my retrieval on Friday.

And in the small-things-that-don't-matter-in-the-big-picture, I'm annoyed that the retrieval will be Friday, because we'll almost assuredly do a Day 3 transfer, which means missing Natalie Merchant on Monday night. Poop.

I'm trying to remind myself that things didn't look much better last time, and we still managed to get 2 mature eggs, fertilize both, and get pregnant.

But it's hard. We upped the meds this cycle, and it's so frustrating to not see any improvement.


  1. perhaps everything will stay put for a day and then they'll have to retrieve saturday!

  2. Amazing lining - that's great! That sucks that you'll miss Natalie Merchant, but big picture, right???

    One day at a time, sweetie.