Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We got a call yesterday morning scheduling us for an 11am transfer appointment for today.

And then midday when I was driving my in-laws around, I got another call in the car. Which I didn't answer, because I knew it was bad news, and I didn't want to hear it with them in the car with me.

So they went into a store, and I listened to my voicemail. It was my doctor telling me that our one embryo hadn't divided, and so the transfer was cancelled.

We'll do a consult with him soon about the next cycle, but are pretty bummed this one is a bust. Money and two months of effort down the drain. I think the timing for the next one will be early October, based on waiting for AF, three weeks of birth control pills, and then stims again. But we'll see.


  1. OH NO!!!! I'm so incredibly sorry this happened. Go have a drink, do something nice for yourself. Oh I'm sorry - this sucks!

  2. ugh, i'm sooo sorry about this babes. being cancelled before retrieval is annoying, but to do ER but not ET has to be downright screwing with you. does your doc think he learned things about how your responded this time around and that he can tweak for next time?? higher dosage maybe?

    sending you big hugs. i hope you're hanging in there. have faith that this will work out :o)

  3. I'm soooo very sorry to read this.(hug)

    When do you go to see Dr.Z to see what changes to make? Please let me know if you need to talk..I'm here for you....

  4. Alex: Thanks. We did go to the Natalie Merchant concert last night, which was great.

    Sienna: Thanks. We're both in the same boat this time, unfortunately. I haven't talked with the doc yet, but I have some ideas based on my research. I think adding the Menopur may have hurt things rather than helped. But we'll see.

    Younique: I don't know yet. The receptionist called to schedule our followup appt for Sept 2 and we refused it, because we're not willing to wait that long to figure out next steps (it would push us back another month). So hopefully soon.

  5. Still terribly sorry to hear that. I know how hard that phone call was to get. You seem to have a really optimistic outlook on things.

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say I am so sorry about your cancellation. Thinking of you...

  7. Thinking of you and praying for you...Hang in there & have faith. Didn't work this time but I love your spirit! that's the way to do it!

  8. I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself. It sounds like either you're dealing well, or your still in make plans and move ahead mode. {{hugs}} whenever you need them.

  9. Here from LFCA. I am sorry to hear of this very disappointing news. Best wishes to you.