Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick update

A few quick updates from my last post.

Estradiol came back <5, which is great -- means no activity and a clean slate to grow good follicles.

I have been doing my Lupron injections in my thigh, which I'm (weird word, I know) loving. Most have been painless, and even when it pricks a bit, it's less intimate than my tummy, so less of a big deal. Apparently it varies a lot woman to woman, so I'm happy it's working for me.

This morning I started the Gonal F and the Menopur, and decided to do one on each side of my tummy. That way when I pinch to get some flesh, I don't make the previous injection spot bleed. (The things you learn after hundreds of shots...) And with the Lupron in my thigh I don't have to worry about that one.

Had an Intralipid infusion today. It went fast -- about an hour and a half. I usually listen to a podcast and play solitaire on my iPod nano. I'd use my phone except that I lay flat for my infusions so I don't pass out (vaso-vagal) and dropping it on my face hurts (yeah...) So I'm limited to the mediocre games on the nano, but it works to pass the time. I also entertain myself by watching my blood pressure rise as the infusion goes in. I start around 99/60 and got up to about 108/63 by the end. Hee!

Found out today that the backup semen sample from last time is still frozen, so I won't need to shuttle another backup when I go in next week. We're re-running my immunology blood work on Wednesday, and I have an ultrasound on Thursday morning to see what's happening in my ovaries (hopefully *both* my ovaries this time!)

And I have my fingers crossed for Holly over at Ready To Be a Mom who's in her two week wait for a FET!


  1. the thought of giving myself a shot in the thigh makes me shiver. I'm a total pro in the stomach. stab stab stab, no big deal.

  2. giving myself a shot terrifies me. I suppose we will see in a couple months how I do. I wish you the best.

  3. wishing you soooo much luck this round

    Renae from Launderlife

  4. Thanks, all. :)

    You know, the thigh shots seemed icky to me too, but I'm very happy I tried them. Now the upper arm -- that's totally unimaginable to me, but I know people do it. Ew.

    Ana -- I've always been bad with needles. My husband did my shots for me last year when we were doing IUI cycles, but then I had to start doing my own in October cuz we were apart the night I was supposed to begin. I find it makes it less of a big deal to do them myself. Less ritual around it. That said, my husband does my progesterone shots post transfer -- too awkward to jab myself in the butt, and the shots are slow (and the needles extra scary looking, so I don't look. :)

  5. Wish you all the best in this cycle!! :)

  6. hope all is going well so far :o)