Monday, July 26, 2010

Hormone Hell

The IVF meds are definitely kicking in.

I'm on day six of Lupron, and had my first crying jag last night. I'm on day four of Menopur and Gonal F, and the Menopur is screwing with my ability to sleep. Ugh.

It wasn't this bad last time, so I'm thinking the Menopur is probably making things worse. After all, that was the point in adding it -- more stims to hopefully make more eggs.

It's really a pity that being self aware of the extra hormones doesn't help me avoid the moodiness, snippiness (my poor husband) and extra sensitivity.

I had acupuncture today, and she worked on all of this stuff for me. The points she used were super sensitive, which is pretty rare for me in acupuncture now. I had hoped I could nap during the session (rare for me, but with poor sleep last night I thought maybe it would happen). but alas 'twas not to be. I'm also taking evening primrose oil (did last IVF cycle too) which helped with the overheating while sleeping and helped grow my lining. She gave me some herbs (tablet form, for once) to help manage the hormones too -- they should also help with my lining.

I can feel things working -- curling up to sleep is less comfortable as my ovaries are swelling, hopefully with lots of follicles!

Shots themselves are fine. Lupron in the thigh rocks. Gonal F is easy, and I've resigned myself to icing before Menopur since it has a strong sting. The others I just use alcohol wipes with benzocaine.

Two more days of stims, then ultrasound at 8:30 on Thursday morning.

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  1. it's so strange, i find that gonal f stings more for me than menopur! seems to be the opposite for everyone else. i'm not taking lupron this time, but last time i did and could not sleep to save my life. and i had the worst lupron headaches from hell. this time around, i can't manage to stay awake and have been falling asleep at 9pm!!

    hang in there! this will all be worth it :o)