Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three maybe four

This afternoon I commented to my husband that based on 7 eggs, we'd end up with 3-4 embryos.

In fact, based on 6 eggs (not sure where the 7th went -- I guess there wasn't one in there after all?), we currently have 3 normally fertilized embryos, and one laggard where the egg matured overnight and was fertilized today. We'll find out tomorrow if that one fertilized normally.

This is our best result so far from an IVF cycle. Small numbers compared to lots of people, but good for us. Incidentally, I'm considerably more sore post retrieval this time and have no idea how you people with 20+ follicles handle it.

One bonus of having a laggard is that we'll get daily updates as long as it's in the running. Here's what the week looks like:

Saturday - retrieval
Sunday - Day 1 report for regular embryos
Monday - Day 1 report for laggard embryo (Day 2 for regular embryos)
Tuesday - Day 3 report for regular embryos (Day 2 for laggard embryo)
Wednesday - Day 3 report for laggard embryo (Day 4 for regular embryos)
Thursday - PGD results for regular embryos (Day 4 for laggard embryo) and transfer of any good ones if laggard doesn't make it
Friday - PGD result for laggard embryo and transfer of any good embryos

So from Day 3 transfers in previous cycles, we could end up with a Day 6 transfer if we get lucky enough to have that laggard in the running.

Although we may not end up with anything to transfer. But so far so good!

Thanks for all the well wishes. I had 128 visitors to my blog today prior to writing this post - whoa!


  1. Hooray for the 3-4 Musketeers!!! Keep us posted! xoxo

  2. Hang in there sweetie, pulling for your little buys and for good news from the pgd report. Keep us posted and hang in there!!
    P.S. love having you as my cycle buddy this go around.

  3. Wonderful news my friend!!! I am cheering for that laggard!!!! Cant believe transfer is this week!!! Woo HOO!

  4. That's great news!!! Hope one sticks!!

  5. Fingers crossed!

  6. Oh how I wish you didnt have to manage your expectations. I wish you could have raging joy with your embryos still in the running.

    It will be a long wk. Hang tough.

  7. Thinking of you and your 3-4 embryos!!!

  8. Woo Hoo! I'd be excited for everyday reports too. Best of luck!

  9. 7 is always a lucky number!!! I hope that laggard makes it the whole way. I'm so excited with these results. Personal best for you...that's gotta feel good and pump you up for your upcoming transfer! :)

  10. Great news... cheering for them all the way and hope your transfer goes well :) Look after yourself... I was surprised how sore I was too xoxo

  11. I would like to know more about the chromosomal defects? My RE does not talk to me about that. He just said I had 8 cells, fragmentation and it was grade 3. Is that even a good chance of survival? Is this why I had a chemical pregnancy before? Please help.

  12. Hi Elle - since your profile is private, I can't find you to respond directly, so I'll try here and hope you see it.

    We had the tissue tested from both of our miscarriages, which is why we know they were both chromosomal issues (trisomy 16).

    The cell count/grade doesn't reflect the chromosomal integrity of the embryo - you have to do some form of genetic screening (PGD, CGH) to look at that. The grade reflects the physical characteristics of the embryo, which is a rough predictor of viability. The chromosomal results are much more useful, though, because you can make sure you're only transferring genetically normal embryos.

    My RE expects 10% Grade I embryos, 40% Grade II embryos, and 50% Grade III embryos, and considers I and II to have equal chances of producing a baby - I don't know how much more likely than a Grade III.

    We lucked out with this cycle in that our normal (genetically) embryo was also our highest graded, most advanced embryo. That doesn't always happen.

    A chemical pregnancy could be a genetically abnormal embryo that isn't viable (one of the ones we transferred this time has an apparent monosomy, which if true would mean it would go away as a chemical pregnancy). I don't know if immunological issues crop up that quickly or not - something to ask a doctor about.

    *hugs* good luck!