Friday, March 11, 2011

Retrieval Saturday

I should have posted yesterday but never got around to it...

Ultrasound yesterday morning (Thursday) showed that we're definitely ready to go. Largest follicle was 19mm, then 18mm, 15m, 13mm, 12mm, and 3 around 9-10mm. So 8 total, with 5 that are good possibilities. Lining was great at 11.7 (it's always good -- the one thing I don't have to worry about).

Estradiol was up to 1189, LH slightly up to 7.0 and progesterone low at 0.3. I triggered last night at 9pm and have enjoyed a shot-free day today.

(In unrelated news, I actually had an unplanned shot yesterday. I had LASIK in January and an eyelash grew back ingrown. My LASIK followup was yesterday and I asked my doctor to deal with the eyelash. This involved a numbing injection to my *eyelid*. Eek! Tiny needle -- 30 gauge. I bet he doesn't have many patients who understand how small that is...)

I had a meltdown last night... Scared that I'm going to spend this whole year trying to use my own eggs, and then have to move on to donor eggs. If I knew today I'd have to use donor eggs, I could reconcile to that, but I can't know that. Urg.

I wasn't feeling swollen yesterday but today I have been very tender. The Lovenox started Tuesday and that's causing more bruising, of course. So I had a low-key day, mostly puttering around the house.

I'm not particularly optimistic that we'll get to transfer anything next Thursday. So many milestones:
-how many eggs retrieved
-how many mature
-how many fertilize
-how many make it to Day 3
-how many make it to Day 5 (we've only done Day 3 transfers in the past, so I have no benchmark for this)
-how many pass the PGD screening. (Seems like too many hurdles for 5-8 follicles...)

It would be awfully great if we had a good embryo to put back in! And if this one isn't it, then this fast cycle means we'll be able to do the next one sooner.

We'll wake up early tomorrow -- have to be at the clinic at 8am for a 9am retrieval. No word on my NK and TH1:TH2 results so I don't know yet if I'm having an Intralipid infusion tomorrow.

Sending good thoughts to lady pumpkin who is also having her retrieval tomorrow morning.


  1. good luck today. I can totally relate, I am worried that all of this is for nothing and I end with DE in the end. Ugh. Sending lots of good thoughts your way...

  2. Good luck today!! I can fully appreciate the major hurdles that comes with PGD...hoping there's more than one for transfer and even a frostie or two. Try not to worry about DE yet, I know its hard, but one day at a time...take care!

  3. Good luck today! I'll be thinking of you! I've never gone through IVF, but I can only imagine how overwhelming it is, with all the steps you have infront of you. But just try to focus on one at a time, one day at a time.

    Can't wait for more updates!

  4. All the best for your retrieval... I had mine on Friday and still feeling pretty sore - to get plenty of rest and someone to help you out. So exciting though and hope you get lots of eggs then embryos :)) I agree with Amanda and can only manage it one step at a time too xoxo

  5. After reading your blog, I am not as well versed in infertility as I thought. I do not know what my lining is except good and I did not even care about my estradiol level since it was not high. I have to be more involved since my partner is away.