Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wish it were all that easy

And not a day after I post about waiting for AF, she showed up this morning. Which if my ovulation timing was right gives me a record short luteal phase of... 5-6 days? Weird. I'm normally a 12 day girl. Maybe Ganirelix + estrogen does do something to make my period come more quickly. Will have to ask my doc. Anyone have experience with that combo for an estrogen priming cycle?

At any rate, I'm going in tomorrow for bloodwork and a Day 2 ultrasound and I'll get my cycle calendar.

I wish this would all be so easy...


  1. Good luck with your upcoming cycle!!! Hoping and praying this is the last time AF shows her ugly head!

  2. I hope this is next cycle is the last you have to do before your BFP!! Thanks for joining Team Hope!

  3. Hi!! I just found your blog through team #hope. Best of luck. I pray this cycle is the one :)

  4. Love getting the calendar!

    It feels like progress.

    Rock that estrogen.