Friday, October 29, 2010

Steady as she goes

CD 9 according to my clinic, second monitoring appointment.

All five follies are still there, 3 are lined up in a neat row, measuring 11mm each. There's another one at 9mm on that side. On the other side, the one follicle is 10mm. So they're still tightly clustered sizewise, which gives us a good chance of growing them together.

Lining is up to 9.2. It's a little higher than usual for me at this point, but no complaints.

My bloodwork after the last monitoring appointment showed estradiol at 130, progesterone at 0.1, and LH at <1, but my prolactin was slightly elevated at 31. So now I'm on a pill -- half a pill is inserted vaginally at bedtime each night. Joy!

My TH1:TH2 came back normal as well! Despite this, and the normal NK levels, my doc is still recommending doing an Intralipid infusion with egg retrieval, and then again after a positive beta. He feels that the immune system naturally tries to go back to its "normal" level (in my case, normal = elevated) and he'd like to stay ahead of it instead of trying to play catch up.

My bloodwork today came back great. Estradiol is at 440-something, progesterone is 0.2, LH is 2-something.

Next monitoring appointment is Sunday morning. They want me to bring my Ganirelix, since there's some chance I'll take it that morning (and then Monday and Tuesday mornings). Not sure if they will have me do the hCG trigger the night of the last Ganirelix shot (since those are in the morning), or if it'll be the next day. But we're looking at a Thursday or Friday retrieval.

I'm happy things continue to look good. It's our first time on this protocol, but it does look like my body prefers it to the Lupron (and my emotions definitely prefer it to the Lupron).


  1. I love how "evenly" your follies are growing, that is perfect, everything is looking great! Finger crossed for you! xoxoxox

  2. Yay!!!! Sounds like things are going wonderfully! Fingers crossed!

  3. Great that you are liking this protocol more! My fingers are crossed too!

  4. Wow, things are going great for you. So exciting. Wow on your lining! I hope things continue to go well.

  5. Sounds like things are moving right along!! Best of luck~