Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm just waiting for AF to show. Started my estrogen on Saturday, did my 3 shots of Ganirelix (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday), and now we wait for AF.

Based on the cycle calendar my clinic had sent, it looked like I could expect AF on Thursday the 20th. However, when I talked with the nurse, I realized that wasn't based on anything other than a typical 28 day cycle. (I figured this out when I asked how the estrogen + Ganirelix makes my period start, and they said it didn't.... *sigh*) They know I have a long luteal phase -- in fact they asked me to call on Day 15 if I hadn't had an LH surge (ha!).

I ended up ovulating around October 15/16 (Day 21/22). So I can really expect AF around October 27. But then we start the Gonal-F + Menopur.

I'm hopeful that the estrogen priming will make a difference. I do think the Lupron (probably aided by the Menopur) oversuppressed me, so this should have a much better chance of giving me more eggs to work with.

Ganirelix, by the way, is pretty easy. The medication didn't sting, and there are few side effects. I do get head aches after taking it, but only the first day's was bad.

It's been a weird cycle. Being told "do NOT get pregnant" always feels topsy-turvy. And somehow the IVF cycle still feels far away, even though I'll be going in for a Day 2 ultrasound and bloodwork in the next 10 days.

I hate the turnaround time between [failed cycles | miscarriages | surgery recovery times | etc.] It would be easier if you could just do IVF cycle after IVF cycle without recovery cycles in between. Exhausting, but you'd learn so much faster what works. (I know there are lots of physical reasons why resting cycles are important, I'm just impatient. :)

So, no news, really, just tapping my fingers over here waiting to get things started.


  1. I am quickly learning that there is so much waiting involved in infertility.. not even just waiting.. more like a constant hurry up and wait routine. Hang in there!

  2. Good luck with your IVF cycle and good luck staying patient while waiting!