Friday, October 22, 2010

And we're off!

CD3. Just finished my morning shots: 225IU of Gonal F and 75IU of Menopur. (Also taking Cipro and dexamethasone now.)

Ultrasound yesterday was interesting -- the Ganirelix brought on AF so early in my luteal phase that we could see the corpus luteum of my last cycle's follicle still resolving itself (looked like honeycomb). Apparently I also have an endometrioma on that ovary, which I hadn't been told about (I think they noticed it during retrieval last time but forgot to tell me. :P)

I was told that as long as my bloodwork came back showing my progesterone was low, I'd be able to start stims today. I got the call in the mid afternoon with my numbers: estradiol at 193 (expected because of the estrogen priming) and progesterone at 0.2.

I had half of my immunology bloodwork done yesterday, and will go back in on Monday for the TH1:TH2 part (they should have had me in earlier this week to do it all at once but someone goofed.) And Wednesday I'll go in for ultrasound + bloodwork (estradiol, progesterone, LH). That should be an interesting appointment -- I'll have done 5 full days of stims with this new protocol, so it'll be the first time we see how I'm doing on it.

I'm also interested to see what side effects I have with just Gonal F + Menopur. I was on Lupron the other two times we did this, and I know that's what made me weepy every night (poor husband!)

So now we sit and wait (and inject ourself twice daily. :)


  1. It sounds like things are moving along well for you! It must feel good to be moving forward. Good luck with the twice daily injections! That will be me soon too!

  2. How exciting - I can't wait to follow you along on this journey. Good luck!

  3. Wow - it's started! I'll be following along in this cycle - I have everything crossed for you!

  4. So excited for you to get started!! Hope this cycle goes perfectly and you get great news in a month

  5. How exciting! I look forward to following your journey. I bet you're the envy of lots of people (including me!) tonight, the wait seems so long...! Good luck!

  6. yay! i love the beginning of a cycle..ill be here cheering you on :)

  7. Congrats on getting started on this cycle. It's so good to be underway and know something is happening.

    It's been a few days since you posted, did you start stims already? If so, did you get monitoring done and have any follie news to report??

    Will check back soon to see your updates!!