Monday, January 16, 2012


I've been AWOL for awhile, waiting for my body to do its thing so we can get this FET going with the second perfect embryo from our donor egg cycle.

Of course, my body isn't cooperating. It's now CD50. My cycles are usually 32-33 days.

I had an ultrasound on December 15 with my RE, when my estradiol was about 80 and progesterone was effectively 0 (just realized I never posted an update after that appointment - sorry!). My lining was thin, around 6.5mm, and there was nothing visible growing in either ovary. So my RE thought maybe it was an anovulatory cycle, and expected AF around Jan. 1.

I finally got fed up waiting last week, and scheduled bloodwork for this weekend. I went in on Saturday. Estradiol is now 320-something, and progesterone is still effectively 0. Which means I can't go on birth control pills, I have to wait for ovulation, and then for CD1, when I'll finally be able to start the meds for my FET (estradiol valerate injections, and then eventually PIO).

My estradiol is high enough I should be close to ovulation, but I'm withholding judgement given how uncooperative my body is being. I've never had a 50-day cycle. Longest prior to this was 42 days, and that was years ago.

I was emotional over the weekend - we had some disappointing news in another part of our lives, nothing major, but not the result we wanted, and then I found out about my hormone levels. I could use some good news.

If I ovulated today, then with my ~12 day luteal phase, I'd have AF around the end of the month. Then 3 weeks of meds before transfer. So right now I'll be lucky if I get to do the FET in February at all.



  1. Ohhh that's frustrating!! Can't you take provera to start it up?

  2. Definitely very frustrating. I hate that so much of IF is just sitting around waiting! I hope things get moving for you soon!

  3. Just stumbling along and found your frustrated for you because I'm very familiar with cycles that go for decades (or feel like it) and prevent me from starting...I have only done 2 fresh cycles and one FET (though I am in the middle of another fresh right now), but I have the same question as the previous poster—can you not do provera to start? Or, in quickly reading some of your posts, I see you are doing a natural FET, so maybe that is prohibited? Sorry either way...I can relate. Best of luck!
    (And I don't mean that as superficially as it reads. I really do wish you the best. Know that aching. Truly.)

  4. That is SO annoying, I find that AF is always late when I want her to be early and early when I want her to be late. But a 50 day cycle! Argh!
    I decided to go on birth control pills even though I have fairly regular periods just to control the timing better. Is that an option for you? Probably not at this point since you've waited this long, but maybe worth asking? Either way, I hope your body gets in order soon so you can get going!

  5. Argh! That is so frustrating. I hope that AF shows up and you can move on quickly!

  6. Here here for some good news ASAP!!

  7. I am doing a FET right now after 2 failed IVFs. Just wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone! I hope AF comes soon and you can cycle. Sending hope!

    Rebecca at...