Monday, December 12, 2011

More on 6.1

I had my WTF phone call about our failed DEIVF. No surprises - perfect embryo, great lining, he's surprised it didn't work. Yeah, me too...

He suggested re-running my immunology bloodwork to see where it is before doing the first FET. So I'll go in on Wednesday morning, which will get us results by the end of the week.

I've been using OPKs, but no surge yet (today is CD17). If no surge by Wednesday, I go in for an ultrasound and hormone bloodwork on Thursday to figure out if there's any follicular activity, or if it's an anovulatory cycle and we wait until January and hope for an ovulatory one.

I hadn't realized, but the FET will be a week after a surge. They want 6 days of progesterone in my body before transferring the embryo, since it was frozen at Day 5.

Today I also sent in the contacts and checks for another retrieval with our donor. Hopefully all the embryos we get will just be frozen as backups (after CGH testing), since we'll have two opportunities to transfer before then...

I haven't been feeling festive, but I'm not particularly down, either. This month could be a hard one - last year, the due date for our first pregnancy was in early December, but we were pregnant with our second pregnancy at the time. And then miscarried a week before Christmas. It all feels so far away.

I decorated my Christmas tree yesterday, which definitely perked up my holiday spirits. And I have my holiday music playlist on my iPods now.

Of course the irony of 6.1 is that if I *do* surge this week, transfer will be the end of next week, which means bedrest right before or on Christmas. And we're hosting Christmas Day for about 15 people...


  1. Wishing you the best of luck in this cycle...really hope it works for you this time!

  2. wishing you so much luck!! thinking of you lots right now....

  3. Oiy!! knuckles are white they are crossed so hard.

  4. I hope Christmas was OK and your company didn't stress you out too much. I'm anxiously waiting to hear how everything turned out. I'm getting ready for my 1st frozen cycle.


    PS - I mentioned you on my blog.