Sunday, November 6, 2011

Less wow

Still good, but not the fabulous update we hoped to get.

Of the 30 eggs, 16 were mature and 12 fertilized normally. None matured overnight, so we're on for a Thursday transfer.

12 is good - we know that the ones that don't progress to Day 3 are abnormal, so we're hoping of the ones that do make it, we end up with a handful of genetically normal ones so we have a few chances at transferring them.

Started Lovenox last night, and progesterone. All done with Lupron, at least. :)


  1. Wow - I think a dozen embryos is a wonderful outcome. I really hope everything goes well for you on Thursday.

    Apologies if I have not picked this up from your previous posts; but will you be transferring one or two?

    Also, it sounds like your donor is anonymous. Have you got to meet her at all?

  2. FX those embabies keep growing and dividing normally! I'll be stalking for a fertilization report!!

  3. Wow! Pretty exciting! Hope all goes well!

  4. 12 is still a great number!! FX for you guys! I'm preloading my transfer day stick well wishes. Seems I have more then enough right now...

  5. Hi, thanks for responding to my question on my blog.

    A 50% chance of your body rejecting each embryo is pretty high so I can see why you want to transfer them one at a time.

    But then again, sometimes odds are not to be heeded. I think we had a 30% chance of conceiving with our embryos - made from my sister's donor eggs - and somehow or other we miraculously managed to conceive!

    So hopefully with that lovely big stash of embryos, plus your 50% chance of your body accepting the embryo and conceiving, you'll be pregnant in no time!

    Good luck - looking forward to an update soon

  6. The anticipation is killing me!! Hang in there...

  7. Yay for 12! If statistics are to be believed that leaves you with 3 chromosomally normal non-DQ HLA matching embies! (When they do the CGH they can check the embies for a DQ alpha match right? If not does that mean you'll only transfer one?) I'm so excited for you and feeling really positive about this cycle! Keep us posted!

  8. 12 is great! and remember that it's 12 young thing embryos!! will be continuing to follow and hope for a great 5 day transfer!


  9. Wow! This all sounds like great news! I'll be sending more good thoughts your way.

  10. I think that is absolutely wonderful. Pulling for you so freaking hard!!!! xoxoxo

  11. 12 is GREAT!!!! fingers crossed.

  12. Crossing fingers thwt your next post brings great results! Big hugs. Xoxo.

  13. I forgot I wrote out this post and lost it on my phone. First time it ever happened to me, so forgive the delay.

    I hope you are feeling better with your numbers. 12 from DE is like 25 from the common woman, you know?

    All that said, I am full of shit as I think I wrote exactly the same post when I got my DE in the end. Was terrified it wasnt going to be enough.

    You make such sacrifices to go DE - you feel you deserve 100 eggs.

    I am eager for an update from you.