Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fast forward to transfer

So I left you all with the news that we had 12 eggs fertilize normally. That was Sunday.

We found out on Tuesday night (Day 3) that all 12 made it to biopsy, which was great news!

The CGH results didn't arrive until this morning at 9am so our transfer appt was moved to 10am for the consult, with transfer right after.

5 of the 12 embryos are genetically normal. Of those 5, 1 is a fragmented blast and will be discarded. 1 is a 9-cell embryo that's still growing. And 3 are grade 1 blasts (5AA, 5AB, 5AB). Two XY and 1 XX, and the still-growing embryo is XX.

We transferred the 5AA perfect embryo today and froze the other two. Transfer was easy but I overcompensated for my not-full-enough bladder last time and had a super full bladder - ugh! At least my clinic lets me pee right after transfer.

Did my Intralipid infusion after and then came home to rest on the couch.

Beta in 10 days, on November 20. And we'll know tomorrow if #4 made it to blast and can be frozen. I'm hoping we get that 4th - 3 makes me nervous and the chances of getting two kids out of 3 embryos is slim. We may ask our donor to consider doing another cycle for us...


  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you, good luck!

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  2. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic. (And, all the best estimates that I've seen have put the take-home baby chance of a CGH normal embryo at over 60%, so to me 3 blasts making two children seems like the expected success rate.)

  3. Great results! Fx for the 20th and for that #4 blast.

  4. THose are some incredibly hopeful results!! Sure hope this is IT for you Brave IVF girl!!

  5. Congrats - that is a great result!

  6. Wow, sounds like it went great! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

  7. As we like to say at this point, PUPO! Pregnant until proven otherwise...hoping so much that this is your lucky cycle.

  8. Sounds like a perfect transfer. Hoping to hear good news on the 20th.

  9. I dont know much about PGD but doesnt it get you such a higher pregnancy rate? I feel like looking for 2/3 is not out of the question. What does your RE say?