Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IVF 5.1

It's crazy to write IVF 5. How have I possibly ended up here? It doesn't depress me, it's just shocking that I've gone through that much in the past 15 months.

I'm defining IVF 5 to consist of IVF 5.1 (retrieval in June), IVF 5.2 (retrieval in August), IVF 5.3 (retrieval in October), and then IVF 5 finishes with transfer in December or January (assuming we have good embryos to transfer, which is what I'm doing).

So. Last Wednesday morning my husband and I went to have blood drawn for the DQ Alpha testing. That got sent off, and results should be back in a few weeks, although even if we do have a partial match (which no one really suspects), it won't matter until transfer time.

I also had my nurse consult last Wednesday, just to talk through the medications and pre-cycle testing that I need to redo. Since most tests are good for 18 months, we didn't have to redo them when we started IVF last year, but now they're too old. This is going to be a very different protocol than any of the ones I've done before (micro dose lupron flare, which I should never have been on, and estrogen priming/antagonist which worked reasonably well).

For the gory details, read on...

I'm on birth control pills now - at the end of May I have a week of Lupron in the morning (10 units while overlapping with BCP, and then 5 units for 3 days after that). Then I do a half dose of Cetrotide (like Ganirelix) for about a week, with estradiol valerate injections twice during that week. The following week (when I'm on my trip in Mexico), I start estradiol suppositories in the evenings, start Gonal F at a super high dose in the mornings, along with a full dose of Cetrotide, and twice-weekly estradiol valerate shots continuing. I also start Luveris that week. Then I fly to Vegas and we find out what all those meds are doing to my follicles.


I picked up the cheaper meds this week at my local compounding pharmacy (lupron, estradiol valerate, my Novarel trigger, and the estradiol suppositories). The 7 (!!) Gonal F pens, Cetrotide, and Luveris will be coming week after next from Freedom Pharmacy.

The bloodwork I had to have redone was TSH, prolactin and rubella. I also have to have a physical done (form for my local doc to fill out, which will happen on Friday morning) and I may need to get my pap smear done since it's slightly more than 12 months old. I also faxed the forms to my ob/gyn and previous RE to have my records sent to Dr.

I'm happy to have a plan and very curious to see how I respond to this vastly different protocol. I booked our flights to Vegas, and am working on the hotel - since my husband will be working remotely, and we'll be there a whole week, we're going to stay somewhere that has kitchens/laundry. Also booked us to see a Cirque du Soleil show that we haven't seen yet (since they keep opening new ones there.)

I've decided to largely stay off twitter for the rest of this year (e.g. not checking it multiple times a day). I'm not going to have "progress" for 7 months, and it's too hard to see BFPs and pregnancies progressing while I'm in limbo (for a good reason, but still in limbo). I'm still reading and commenting on blogs, and I'll be on twitter more around my retrievals when I have interesting info to share, but I'm focusing on the blog for now.


  1. love your plan. I am curious to see how this med combo works out for you. i think it is a good choice to stay off twitter. when you have been around the block for a bit, it is hard to watch so many other people move on without you- I know this all too well.
    hoping IVF 5 (or 5 point whatever)is the one for you.
    much love to you and thanks as always for your support. You are amazing.

  2. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself sane through this process...hugs!

  3. Sounds like a long road ahead, but hopefully it will result in a pregnancy and a couple of embryos frozen for later use!

    Do whatever you need to do to stay sane. I always felt bad when I stopped following blogs after people got pregnant or keeping up with pregnant friends or checking on FB...but you are assalted by a world of pregnant people, do whatever you need to do to protect yourself.

  4. I am so glad you have a plan!! I know it's an extended one, but it will go by quicker than you think :) xo

  5. Very interesting protocol! I love that it's completely tailored to you - I have so much hope in this plan, I think it's going to work!!!

  6. Thanks for your comments on my blog this week. This is the first time I've seen your blog and I'm really looking forward to following you. :)
    Wow, you've got a lot planned for the next few months! Sorry for what you've been through and hope everything works out for you with IVF #5.

  7. I cannot believe you have done 5 IVF's in 15 months, wow whata trooper you are!!! It's cool you dont have to retake all of the tests, but sucks when they expire and you do. Wishing you nothing but the best with 5.1 :) xoxoxox

  8. i'm loving the idea of a trip to mexico before this next cycle starts. you are in THE BEST hands possible and i can't wait for this cycle to (a) go smoothly and (b) yield awesome results for you. sending you big hugs and lots of zen thoughts :o) xoxo.

  9. I hope with all my heart that your Vegas rendezvous brings you the baby you deserve! Have a great time in Mexico too!

    Hope you are feeling better- would have been fun to meet up this weekend but hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

    Will be cheering you on all the way. xxx

  10. I really hope IVF 5 is the one for you. Thinking of you!