Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cue tears

I started Lupron on Sunday.

I had thought I was done with Lupron after moving to an estrogen priming/antagonist protocol for IVF 3 and 4.

But Dr. Sh.er uses an agonist/antagonist conversion protocol, which starts with a week of tiny Lupron doses (10 IU once a day for 4 days, then 5 IU a day for 3 days).

Apparently, that's not tiny enough - Lupron tears started last night.

I was irritable and sensitive all day, and finally at night I reacted poorly to a funny comment by my husband, and he said 'are you pmsing', and I said 'no I'm on Lupron', and we realized that was behind the whole day of emotional muck.

Oh, and yesterday was my birthday. :D We actually celebrated it over the weekend, when we went up to Sonoma, and we had a fabulous dinner on Sunday night with my husband's sister and her husband, as her birthday is 3 days before mine. And we'll celebrate with my family next weekend.

I am glad to be starting meds for IVF 5.1 - I much prefer the feeling of making forward progress to the feeling of waiting around for things to happen. And even though this is just going to be one of three small milestones on the way to December/January, and even though I have to figure out what we're doing about the DQ Alpha match (I emailed Dr. Sh.er with some followup questions but haven't heard back yet), moving forward is good.

Oh, and I'm extremely happy that Dr. Sh.er lets me do the subcutaneous shots anywhere I want. Upper thigh happens to be really easy for me, and it's nice to give my tummy a break.

Lupron this week, then Cetrotide and estradiol valerate next week.

Hope everything had a nice Memorial Day weekend!


  1. My Dr is changing me to the antagonist protocol too. After my first IVF failed, the embryos stopped forming after day 5 and I had none to freeze. I'm nervous that there may be something genetically wrong. Have you done any testing for that?

  2. Evil evil hormones. Hope this new protocol is the perfect fix!

  3. I had a one month Lupron depot shot (I don't know if they really do that in the USA), and I had no side effects except for being really tired and an occasional headache. The stims are what are killing me. I am getting migraines every other day on average, and the hot flashes are the worst. I am tired from the growing follies and stims, and then I am waking up 5 to 6 times a night from the stupid hot flashes. I am completely exhausted! I hope it is all worth it for both of us. Hopefully you will get some really great embryos out of all of this. I agree with RunningMama....evil,evil hormones!

  4. Ahhh good ole hormones :) Wishing you all the best!!

    PS the Wyndam Grand Desert was really nice and easy to live in for an extended period. MGM was oober nice, but also a lot more money!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sorry about the hormonal gauntlet-never fun. Best of luck on this protocol.

  6. first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I hope the dreaded lupron is kind to you the rest of the way in. Put a little lupron with a some anxiety about cycling and you have the perfect storm.
    wishing you the very best of luck sweetie!!!

  7. Oh yes, the hormonal mess from Lupron and the rest. Gotta love it, right? I hope it gets better for you!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Boo for hormones! :( You can do this. I know you can. We're all here, cheering for you from the sidelines.


  9. lupron tears are never fun. hope you had a great birthday - i'm sure i know what your wish is and i hope with every fiber in my body that it comes true this year :o) xoxo.