Thursday, June 24, 2010

Returning from Through the Looking Glass

My period started today. I am elated.

It's been a weird seven weeks since my missed miscarriage (I forget which blogger used the term, but it's the one I like best at the moment).

Everything I usually hope for has been inverted. Instead of wanting my beta numbers to rise, I wanted them to drop. Instead of wanting to see 'Pregnant' on a home pregnancy test, I wanted to see 'Not Pregnant'. Instead of hoping my period wouldn't come, I couldn't wait for it to appear. It's like when Alice goes through the looking glass. Topsy-turvy.

I didn't expect my period to come until early July. My 'normal' unmedicated cycles are 32-33 days. The last beta I had was June 1 (came back at 13, down from 22 on May 28, and my bleeding stopped around June 3. So I was thinking July 3-6, which would end up meaning IVF #2 was targeted for the second week of August.

Hence my elation!

I'm scheduling a baseline ultrasound for tomorrow, and hopefully that will look good. Then I go on birth control pills for at least 21 days, during which time I'll have a saline hysterosonogram to make sure my uterus is looking good post D&C. (I'm also thinking I'll have my first mammogram during those 3 weeks as I just turned 35 and my mom had breast cancer early. I figure it will be less painful before the hormone swelling starts.)

My immunology bloodwork is being redone next week, and we're also re-testing my prolactin and thyroid levels (normal about 18 months ago, but not retested since). The immunology results will reveal whether or not my NK cell and TH1/TH2 levels have remained low, or if I'll need Humira again (unlikely) or an Intralipid infusion (more likely) to suppress them.

If everything looks good, I could potentially be doing a retrieval at the very end of July/very beginning of August!

p.s. I think my vacation last week helped my body recover. I was at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, and it was amazing. Summer camp for adults. Highly recommended! I came back feeling healthy, relaxed, and long (all those stretching classes).

p.p.s. Thank you for all the kind notes about my last post. Much appreciated!


  1. Congrats on getting set to move forward! I'm so jealous of your vacation - I've been wanting to go there for years... *sigh* maybe someday!

  2. Congrats for moving forward! It's funny how your perspective on things can change, isn't it? I'm glad it's time to move forward and wish you all the positive thoughts in the world.

    And, your previous post is beautiful. I think that signs like that can really make a huge difference in what we feel.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and lending your support! I'm not sure what I'd do without this community.

  3. Hey there...just found you on twitter and read your blog...actually starting IVF around the same time you are (if we can get our mail order prescriptions on time) GD insurance out making friends in the community...hang in strong, and your not alone!

  4. hey there - thanks for commenting on my blog!!! i just read through all of your entries, and i'm sooo sorry you had to go through a miscarriage. my first ivf ended up in a chemical, so at least i had the relief of seeing the beta go down to 0 within a few days. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for your upcoming cycle, and will be following along :o)

    ps - you have some awesome tips on doing a gluten free diet, so i'm gonna try a bunch of your recommendations. i've been gluten free for 3 weeks now and it's HARD, but i'm sticking to it :o)

  5. hey - you haven't posted in ages! we're supposed to be on a similar time frame, so just wanted to say hi and hope it's going well so far :o)