Sunday, March 18, 2012

And we keep moving forward

Tuesday morning I went to the RE to have blood drawn for a repeat immunology workup. We got the results on Friday, and while my natural killer cell levels are normal, my TH1:TH2 ratios are slightly elevated.  I'll go in for an Intralipid this week, and then have another one before the next FET.

Saturday my period started, so I now have a calendar for our next FET, which is currently scheduled for 4/13. I'm going in tomorrow morning for estradiol/CBC/progesterone levels and an ultrasound. If progesterone is low enough, the FET could be moved up a week, to 4/6 or so.

Initially the nurse said I'd go on birth control pills for 2-3 weeks, but that wasn't consistent with what the doctor had told us in previous conversations, so I traded emails with him and we settled on this potentially extended prep phase. Still saves us at least a week, and if the progesterone level is low tomorrow, we'll save two.

Saturday was also retrieval day for our donor. They'd been tracking 24 follicles, but retrieved 30 eggs. We got the call today that 24 of the eggs were mature, and 17 fertilized normally! Last time we had 12 fertilize normally (of 16 mature). We'll be doing CGH - so our next update will be how many make it to biopsy. (Last time all 12 made it to biopsy and Day 5.)


  1. Great update Brave IVF girl!

  2. Good luck with this cycle! I'm anxious to hear how yhe biopsy goes.

  3. lots of good news!! so glad to hear it!!


  4. Wonderful news all around! Moving forward - the right way to move...

  5. Glad you are moving forward - I am really, really, really hoping this one is it1