Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living the Lupron Life

So I started my Lupron injections on Sunday. Three days in, and the irritability hasn't hit yet (my husband is thankful!) I'm sleepier in the mornings, which I'm pretty sure is related. My last birth control pill will be Thursday morning, and then I have bloodwork next Monday.

The donor is also having bloodwork on Monday and if it shows that everything is quiet, she'll start stims on Tuesday. Really looking forward to getting updates on her progress.

I've been sluggish. Not feeling productive, even though I've taken on a few volunteer projects. Including volunteering for the first time as a clinic escort for Planned Parenthood! I'm looking forward to doing that once a week.

The puppy is much better behaved - she knows how to signal she needs to go outside, which was an enormous breakthrough. Even though she's fine on her own for a few hours, I do feel she's cramping my style - there are things I'd be doing if I didn't feel tied to home because of her. But I do get a lot more exercise walking her, and she's cute and generally fun to be around.

The #truthabouttrying tweets today were great, but reflecting on my summary: 6 IUIs, 5 IVFs, in progress DEIVF, I mostly feel tired. Nothing to show after more than four years... Here's hoping this round does the trick.

Scattered post, I know. I'm looking forward to having meatier updates soon!


  1. Good luck to you and your husband. As you know as well as anyone, inherent to this process are inevitable up's and down's. Sometimes the best medicine is a little humor. In this spirit, here is a link to a YouTube humor video I created about my wife and my journey called "What I learned at the Fertility Clinic." Enjoy: http://tinyurl.com/3k2dzkb

  2. Thinking of you and your Lupron! I hated that drug... So excited for this cycle for you!

  3. Wishing you the very best for this cycle. Hope those Lupron headaches have been sparing you still. Xoxo.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting a comment.

    I wish you lots of luck with this cycle! I look forward to following your journey.

  5. Yay for starting a new cycle!! Lupron makes me happy and calm,,my DH tells me to go get priscribed more LOL! Isn't that weird? Praying for ur DEIVF!

  6. Thanks for saying hello on my blog. It helps knowing someone so nearby is experiencing something similar. Although I don't know exactly what you're going through at the moment, we've shared similar pain...and for that, I am so very sorry.

    I hope this is your cycle. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.