Monday, October 24, 2011

And we're off...!

I visited my clinic this morning for bloodwork (and to drop off another full biohazard container...) My donor visited a local clinic for her blooddraw. Both our estradiols came back satisfying low (mine was 7), so she starts her meds tomorrow and will fly up here to the clinic on Sunday for the beginning of her monitoring!

I start my daily dexamethasone tomorrow, start a 5 day course of cipro, and start twice weekly estradiol valerate injections. Then I go back in next Monday for more bloodwork, including immunology this time to see if I need an Intralipid prior to transfer. Starting next Sunday I'll get regular updates on how our donor is doing.

Happy to finally be at the starting gates!

In other strange musings, I was looking at our (somewhat bedraggled) tomato plants this week and thinking about donor eggs. Some people grow their tomato plants from seeds, but we buy seedlings from a great organic farm. I do a good job prepping the soil, and making sure they have a good environment to grow. And we've had great success this year with our tomatoes. (Giving up on large tomatoes helped - we get coastal air that keeps it cool in the mornings and evenings. :)

Donor eggs is kinda like that - we're getting a seedling, but the growing and nurturing of it are our responsibility, and the health and success of the plant is our doing.

Like I said, strange musings...


  1. Good luck! I hope this cycle goes really well for you. And I really like your seedling analogy for the donor eggs. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

  2. Good luck - it's time for you to finally have success! Keep us posted!

  3. Woo Hoo!! I love your analogy, it is so true! One cant exist without the other...the seend and the nurturing.

    Best of luck to you this cycle, your protocol sounds great!

  4. I know this was an analogy and a post more about your cycle than your tomatoes, but I have to say I'm impressed you've been able to grow tomatoes here living close to the cost. We just can't seem to do it. Even when we tried to grow the smaller ones, they didn't produce very many.

    Anyway...things sound like things are moving along just as they should be! I'll keep sending good thoughts your way!

  5. What a fabulous analogy about the seedlings - so true! I'm so happy for you that this cycle has started - everything's crossed!!!

  6. My everything is crossed a that your little seedling will grow grow grow! Take care.

  7. Everything looks like DE. I totally get it.

    I cant wait to catch up and see how this wk went for you!

  8. such a wonderful way to look at it- that little seedling you get will be so lucky to come home to you. Wishing you a smooth cycle followed by a smooth pregnancy!