Monday, February 7, 2011

Where in the world... I in my cycle? Honestly, I have no idea. Every couple of days I'm spotting-to-almost-bleeding. But apparently it doesn't matter since the estrogen + ganirelix will override things. (I remember being dubious about the estrogen/ganirelix starting on a certain date even with no LH surge, but it all worked out...)

I started estrace this morning, take my second shot of Humira tonight (first was two weeks ago), and start three days of Ganirelix tomorrow. My period will show up probably over the weekend, but since I'll be in Hawaii for a week, I'll keep taking the estrace and go in for an ultrasound on Sunday the 20th.

In other news, Moon on Stick kindly awarded me my very first blog award: the Stylish Blogger award! (I think Sass deserves the credit for the stylish part, though... She generously gave out some free blog designs, and I lucked out and won one! Thanks, Sass!)

Here are the rules for the acceptance of the award:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 other bloggers.
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here are 7 things about me that don't normally come up in the regular course of writing this blog:

1) I took ten years of French -- starting the summer before kindergarten, and going through Junior year of high school. Until high school, it was all with a tutor, so my written French was terrible, although my accent was impeccable. Sadly, I don't use it except on rare trips to French-speaking countries, but occasionally dream in French so clearly it's still in my brain!

2) I considered singing as a profession. In junior high, my school put on a musical and I LOVED it. I started taking voice lessons, continued through high school, ended up auditioning for and getting accepted to the music department at my college during my first semester (I was there for a regular, career-oriented degree), and then ran out of steam after two semesters of juggling two completely separate class loads. I still love to sing and have done a bunch of community theatre as an adult. I recently started taking lessons again, and am having a blast.

3) I've worn glasses or contacts since I was 8, and got LASIK two weeks ago (I'm now 35.) Every night I still have an almost uncontrollable urge to take out my contact. (EW!)

4) I've drag raced motorcycles on amateur night at a local speedway when I lived in New England. Whee!

5) I grew up without a television in the house. My whole family reads voraciously, and my parents still don't have cable -- they have a home entertainment system set up for DVDs and Netflix streaming, but no regular TV.

6) I read really fast. I love my Kindle because I can finally bring enough books with me on vacation to keep me fed the whole time. My husband once measured and he guessed I read 12 times faster than him. (He's a particularly slow reader, however, so keep that in mind.)

7) I collect children's books illustrated by Errol Le Cain. One of the books I most remember from when I was a kid is his version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Aren't the drawings stunning?

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Ok, back to the glorious weather outside. Yes, it's on its way to 70 degrees today -- the weekend was gorgeous. Sorry, snow-bound peeps!


  1. Brave IVF Girl! Thanks for the award!! I saw that you were essentially nominated for the same award so I did not mention you again!! But consider yourself nominated by me as well!

  2. Thanks so much for the award! This is so exciting that everything is going pretty well with your cyle. I love that you don't know where you are in it - means you're keeping sufficiently grounded and busy! So jealous about Hawaii...

  3. Hey, so glad you saw the award on my blog post :-)
    Really loving your new blog design!

  4. @Lisa - thanks! I fixed the typo in your blog name, too, hee!

    @Alex - it's not for lack of trying! I've been using OPKs since Jan. 23! If I'd seen a surge before Jan. 30, I'd already be on estrace. My usual follicular phase is 18-19 days, but I'm going on 24 days if I correctly guessed which bleeding was CD1. Ah well...

    @Moon - Sass gets all the credit for the gorgeous design. It makes me happy to look at it - so cheerful!

  5. I love the 12 dancing princesses- one of my favorite stories as a kid! Glad that you are moving forward. Hopefully this is your last AF for a while!

  6. I hope your having a great time in hawaii and not thinking about your cycle at all.

  7. Hey, I am new to your blog and noticed on your history that with IVF 1 you used intralipids...have you continued to do them in the subsequent cycles? Why did you use them ? I ask bc with our next cycle we will be using them for the 1st time. Wishing you luck :)

  8. 70 degrees I am so jealous.

    I like to read too but I am a bit of a slow reader!