Monday, December 10, 2012

38 weeks plus

Neglected to post on Saturday, when I actually hit 38 weeks...

So a few exciting things happened since my 37 week post.

I had an ob appointment last Wednesday for monitoring. The non-stress test went fine, as always, but my blood pressure was elevated (something like 118/86). And my feet are really puffy. They really want the lower number to stay below 90, and my doctor was worried I might be developing preeclampsia. So he asked me to go in on Saturday morning for another round of monitoring, and we'd make a decision about inducing earlier at that point.

Saturday morning went in and my blood pressure was normal. Like, pre-pregnancy normal. And the baby passed the non-stress test with flying colors (as always - he's a super wiggler). So no reason to speed up the induction, but my doctor asked me to come in Monday morning for another round.

Went in this morning, and NST was fine and blood pressure is fine (not as low as Saturday, but normal for pregnancy).  Still about 70% effaced, maybe slightly more dilated than last Wednesday, and soft cervix.

Last Wednesday my doctor was pretty sure we'd end up inducing by now, and now he thinks we may make it to this weekend as originally planned. I go back in on Wednesday for my regular appointment, and if all still looks good, we'd likely induce Sunday night.

The uncertainty has been challenging, particularly for my husband who's trying to get work stuff wrapped up before paternity leave, but despite not having a solid date, it's all for good reasons - baby is doing well and I'm doing well. And if we can keep him in until 39w (which we'll hit on Saturday), his risk outcomes are the same as for a 40w baby.

That said, since the version, I am dramatically less comfortable. The puffy feet mean I can only wear flip-flops or my Mephisto sandals (and I really wanted to not be the pregnant woman in flip flops...), and the baby's movements, which have always been vigorous, sometimes take my breath away. We took a (probably too long) walk on Sunday morning, and I'm super sore from it - ankles and shins are hurting (damn flip flops). On the plus side, I had a fantastic prenatal massage this morning which hopefully helped work some of it out. My massage therapist thinks my body is ready, and guesses I'll go into labor pre-induction (hope she's right!)

Had another acupuncture appointment today to try to get labor started. I ended up queasy afterward, which is not a usual acupuncture reaction for me. Hoping it's an early labor signal.

One thing that's really been annoying me is that when we've told family about the pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), the reaction is 'eat less/no salt'. Not only does that not affect PIH, it implicitly blames me for it, which I resent. I am eating extra protein, and trying to stay well hydrated (snagged the giant mug from the hospital when we had our version - I try to drink 3 of them a day), but it's a placenta/immune system thing, not a salt thing. Grr.

The nursery is all set up except for a bookcase that's arriving this week and will go under the window. Photos, as promised!

I made caramels to bring to the nurses at the hospital (if we have advance warning, I'll bake cookies instead and keep the caramels for us. :) All our Christmas presents (that have arrived, at least) are wrapped and under the tree. (My husband and I aren't exchanging presents this year, but we're still doing big presents (as opposed to stocking presents) for immediate family.)

Less than a week to go, and could be any day now! A friend of mine had a baby 10 days ago and I met him last Friday when he was a week old. Crazy that I'll be there so soon!


  1. Your nursery is amazing! Love the leaves on ceiling :) I hope you have a smooth delivery and sending best wishes to you!

  2. It's so exciting to read that you are mere days away from meeting your little boy. At long last, you get to be a mom :)
    The nursery is lovely. I like the soothing colours and the tree.
    Wishing that all goes as smoothly as can be for the birth. I'll look forward to updates!

  3. thinking of you- cannot wait for you to meet this little one!!!

  4. It looks so beautiful! Lovely job and congratulations.

  5. I'm literally covered in goosebumps reading this! I'm so excited for you!

  6. I am so excited for you! Cannot wait to hear when your LO arrives!! He may have the same bday as Lil M :) eeek!!

  7. amazing - you're so so close! Best of luck with the induction process! Te nursery looks fantastic

  8. OOOH!! So excited for you Braving IVF girl! The nursery is adorable!!

  9. Thank you so much for posting about your journey! I really enjoy your blog and am so happy for you! The nursery is adorable! Cant wait to read the next update - hope you have a very smooth birth!