Sunday, July 8, 2012

16 weeks!

Actually yesterday we reached 16 weeks, but I was a lazy blogger - sorry. :)

Things have been quiet since the bleeding episode. I spent 10 days on bedrest (well, couch rest), and haven't had any additional bleeding, thankfully.

I'm still nervous about it, and it doesn't help that this seems to be the point in pregnancy where, er, discharge volume starts to increase. But all good.

I got anxious on Wednesday night for no really good reason. I've started having the heart palpitations which are fairly common in pregnancy, and even though I know they're common, it still stressed me out cuz it's new for me. So Thursday morning I snagged a last minute appointment with the nurse practitioner at my ob's office. She was kind and understanding and when I clearly wasn't happy with a Doppler (since I have one at home, so it doesn't give me any new information) she grabbed an ultrasound machine and my ob. So I got a peek at my little guy, who's quite active.

Our next regularly scheduled appointment is Wednesday and we'll take a look at my placenta position. We'll also get an opinion from the doctor about whether it's prudent for me to go to Hawaii in two weeks.

I've scheduled our Level 2 scan for August 1 - really looking forward to it (and having my husband see it since he missed the NT scan.)


  1. I totally know how you feel. We made it o 5.5 months this Tuesday and I'm still always worried. Relax and try to enjoy.

  2. So happy the bleeding has stopped. Hugs, hang in there! I know its hard, every lil new feeling makes u worry!! At least you got a sneak at your lil one :) xoxo

  3. 16 weeks! That's great news! Glad all is well with your wee one. It sounds like it's been a trying time for you. I hope that you'll be able to go relax in Hawaii.

  4. 16 weeks - what wonderful news! I hope you get to go to Hawaii - sounds fabulous!!!