Thursday, June 21, 2012

So much for normal

Just this afternoon I was thinking I should write a blog post about how I feel like a normal pregnant woman.

And then around 7pm, while peeling a cucumber, I felt that wet feeling between my legs, and thought "that was weird" so I checked and my underwear was covered in bright red blood.

Called my ob's emergency number which unfortunately is being covered by his younger partner tonight, and he said bed rest until tomorrow am when I'll go in to be checked.

There's no obvious reason for me to be suddenly bleeding. Our ultrasounds have been perfect, the embryo is genetically normal, my placenta is in the ideal spot, my immune system is normal, and we heard the heartbeat this afternoon with the Doppler.

So my best guess is either a small sub-chorionic hematoma that ruptured or a small placental separation (tho none of the risk factors for that apply to me).

Very scared but trying to stay calm. It was probably less than a tablespoon of blood, and while I still have some bleeding when I pee, it's not deep red. It's more thin and red/pink. Sorry for the overshare...

I'm too scared to use the Doppler again to see how he's doing... Send good thoughts our way please!


  1. Sending every good thought I have to you right now!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh crap !!! Wow, idj what to say except deep breaths and hang in there

  4. Prayers and positive thoughts!

  5. I am thinking of you! These things can be very scary to go through. Great news though, your bleeding has stopped. Take a deep breath.

  6. Take deep breaths. Glad that you could go in this morning -- we are all crossing our fingers for you!

  7. Hope everything turns out OK! Thinking of you.

  8. Super happy it has stopped!!
    Stay away from Dr. Google - I know easier said then done. I'm just as guilty of that.
    Beyond happy you were able to get into your OB so quickly.

    Deep breaths, darlin'!!


  9. Hope everything is okay. I had this at 7 weeks. Let us know what the dr says!