Monday, June 27, 2011

Retrieval Thursday

I had another monitoring appointment this morning, and my expectation was that I'd trigger tonight. However, the largest follicle was up to 17mm, and there are now three more follicles above 10mm. So another day of stims may get us something from some of those.

I'm glad things are looking a little better. I just wish the follicles were closer in size - my track record with small (10-13mm) follicles isn't great - usually we get immature eggs from them. In fact I'm not sure we've ever gotten a mature egg. But we'll see...

I'm managing to kill time while I'm here. Went shopping at the outlets today. Tomorrow I'm going to wander the Strip. Wednesday I'm going to Hoover Dam, and my husband arrives Wednesday night.

My trigger shot tomorrow night is going to be in my upper arm, which will be interesting. Apparently, Dr. thinks it absorbs better there (although he doesn't believe there's a difference for Gonal F - I was doing upper thigh and then switched to tummy after the first appt showed no progress - I told him and he reiterated it doesn't matter. *shrug*) Upper arm is supposed to be done like a flu shot, so I get to lean against a door jamb to hold my arm still. Lol.

Still noodling on two vs. three retrievals. Leaning towards three. I appreciate all the comments weighing in.

Thanks for keeping me company on my journey!


  1. You are in my thoughts. I am wishing for the best for you and your DH. Also, you are my hero. I could not give myself shots.

    Glad you are able to keep busy while out here.


  2. It's interesting how what different REs think of Gonal F injection areas. All the best with the trigger shot! Will be thinking of you on Thursday as well.

  3. Glad you are finding distractions in your home away from home in Vegas. Has your RE given you an opinion about chances of 2 vs 3? I like to ask mine if I were his daughter, what would he suggest. Just a thought. Cheering for you as you round the first corner of this marathon. xox

  4. Wishing you lots of luck for the retrieval! Well done on the shots, I hate doing them anywhere other than my tummy for some reason!

    Enjoy your trips.


  5. I hope thursday goes well for you! Good luck with the upper arm trigger!

  6. Best of luck on thursday! I hope a couple of the smaller follies mature and you have a much better retrieval than expected. Thinking of u!

  7. Glad to hear your follies are looking good! Wonderful that you're keeping yourself busy being a tourist in Vegas... I hope this week is very fruitful for you!!!

  8. Good luck with the retrieval Thursday- can't wait to read how it goes :)

  9. Best wishes for thursday! I found the trigger to be no biggie-better than the stims for me.

    I like the shoppes at Caesars Palace; if you haven't been to the "old" part of town with the Golden Nugget, that's kinda fun too. Of course, its probably 110 degrees there, so not sure how much you'll be able to be outside.

  10. Good luck with the trigger shot :) So happy those lil follies are acting better for ya :) Have fun wandering around LV!
    A GREAT place we found to eat at (off the strip) is off the strip.
    10670 Southern Highlands Parkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89141
    7022022448 |
    The owner is tommy-tell him the 'fertility couple from NC sent ya'

  11. so interesting about the arm trigger shot, one thing for sure is that Sher does things differently - I am hoping this different is what you need to shake things up and get some better results. I am so hoping for you and will be sending good vibes to vegas all day thru thursday.
    always wanting the best for you!!!
    good luck, sweetie